Services We Provide

We customize our range of products and services to fit your specific needs. Please contact us to get started on a personalized required PPE plan to help your business thrive.

We also provide PPE for private sector enterprise as personal protective materials see a rise in demand. PPE has become central to everyday living as hygiene and protection ramps up post-coronavirus pandemic, and pollution concerns increase.

Program Background:

As a proudly Canadian company, based in Manitoba, we felt it was our obligation to help play a part in the fight against COVID-19. With a vast global supply chain located in 13 countries and comprising 55 production facilities that produce quality apparel for our brands, we believed we could make a significant impact by shifting gears to produce Personal Protective Equipment for our frontline workers.

As soon as we were granted a medical device establishment license by Health Canada, we immediately went to work, putting the Mondetta Frontline Program into action. This translated into diligently learning all the Health Canada compliance requirements and working around-the-clock with our Asian office through video conference meetings.

Through these collaborative efforts, we worked with one of our key partner factories to retool their full vertical operation and entire production process to produce medical-grade scrubs alongside disposable and reusable gowns. Using our industry knowledge, trusted global partnerships and innovative approach – we successfully managed to quickly and effectively procure much-needed PPE while following stringent quality assurance standards and adhering to international labor and environmental compliance. With this globally coordinated effort, we are proud to offer the necessary PPE required to ensure our frontline healthcare workers remain be safe and protected as they lead the fight against COVID-19.

We are a manufacturing company with complete control over the entire production process. This provides our customer with critical benefits including:

  • Consistent reliable production that meets the very highest levels of quality and testing standards.
  • Compliance: proven processes guaranteeing quality adherence from production through delivery.
  • Economical solutions at a time that health authorities and governments cannot afford inflated pricing.
  • A commitment to environmental and social responsibility:
  • Certified B Corporation is a designation reserved for companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Mondetta is on the path to obtaining certification by Spring 2021.
  • We are actively working on sustainable PPE including recycled fabrics and biodegradable inputs.
  • A full team based in Canada that manages the entire process from order through delivery.